The EMMA – H Project intends to achieve the following goals:

The technical and organizational solution found by the EMMA / Meteoalarm system will also be used by Hydrological services and Met Services which provide flood warnings to publish these warnings. This is particularily welcomed by users from the Civil Protection, the ERCC (DG ECHO) and the public.

  • "EMMA-H runs technically as an add-on to the EMMA / Meteoalarm system and relies on its infrastructure."

The tasks

EMMA-H runs technically as an add-on to the EMMA / Meteoalarm system and relies on its infrastructure. The Online collection and publication of flood warnings for the next 48 hours, technical quality control of the incoming messages and display of this information on maps with European, national and regional levels. The static part of this information is displayed in 31 languages, the dynamic warning texts in the languages provided by the NM(H)S, which is usually the local language and English.

Harmonization of the flod warnings as much as national procedures allow.


The requirements

ZAMG operates all parts of its business according to ISO 9001 Quality Control. The quality measures are essential part of the process and would be in the case of the EMMA Project the near 100% availability of the website, a fast response to the internal users (NM(H)S´s) and good and efficient relations to outside users (re-users of the information, media, Civil Protection).

It is planned  to provide users technically in a more advanced form CAP files with information concerning warned areas, alert levels and text for those NM(H)S who provide text within their warnings) in an adequate way according to the Terms and conditions published on the present website and approved by EUMETNET Council.


The organisation

ZAMG works with dedicated experts in the staff for harmonization, IT solutions and contact to possible external funding sources. Parts of the IT operations are subcontracted. KNMI supports the EMMA-H work with PR activities.