The tasks of Eumetcal have significantly evolved from system maintenance into a true collaboration between member state institutions in training activities, strongly linked to non-EUMETNET partner organizations. Eumetcal is today the European Virtual Organization for Meteorological Training and its objectives are:

1. Promoting and sharing technologies and methodologies to assist the development of learning opportunities in member state organizations, particularly in the field of operational meteorology.

2. Providing information about education and training opportunities in meteorology and related environmental topics that can benefit to the professional development of European meteorological personnel.

3. Serving as the European virtual training organization, responding to the training needs of EUMETNET NHMSs and providing a forum for the creation and exchange of training resources and activities covering the whole field of meteorology and related environmental topics.

4. Providing a mechanism whereby EUMETNET NHMSs collaborate to enhance their training capabilities on a long-term basis, with a solid cooperation also with non-EUMETNET partners.


  • "True collaboration between Member state institutions in training activities"

The tasks

In order to achieve it s objective, the Eumetcal Project needs to:

1. Maintain the network of trainers working in member states through dedicated events and means of communication.

2. Inform its members about available learning opportunities, particularly when addressed to operational meteorologists.

3. Facilitate the development of learning opportunities through the collaboration of member organizations, including training providers.

4. Maintain a communication channel between the management of forecasting services and the training community.

5. Financially contribute to the professional development of operational personnel and trainers of member organizations.

The requirements

– Arrange an Expert Team meeting (virtual or face-to-face) at least once per year per functioning Expert Team.

– Organise at least one (1) course or training event per each calendar year of the project.

– Averaged over the duration of the project, organise at least two (2) courses or training events per year.

– Organise Eumetcal workshop at least three (3) times during the project duration, starting in 2013.

– Make available an online conferencing tool/system for training and management support.

– Maintain a secure and up-to-date Eumetcal Learning Management System (LMS) available for the EUMETNET Membership and Eumetcal Participants.

– Monitor evolution of forecaster competence requirements (for example WMO requirements) and implement them as feasible to the contents and to the Eumetcal training events (for instance in credit and certification processes and documents thereof).

– Promote and provide information of the Eumetcal project with adequate coverage, penetration and frequency at relevant forums, to relevant stakeholders and to other interested parties.

– Visits to and contacts with current and potential collaborative non-EUMETNET partners,

– Maintaining contacts and exchange of information with training points-of-contact of other projects in the Forecasting and other Capability Areas

– Monitor the quality of the training events and materials (including online modules and similar) with suitable qualitative and quantitative methods and metrics.

– Monitor and assess developments and changes in education, training, learning and management methodologies, technologies and services in order to keep the Eumetcal project and its services up-to-date.

– Provide educational and training support to Eumetcal participants in form of making for instance course modules, materials, module templates and similar available for use for participants in a secure module repository.

– Arrange face-to-face or online meetings between Expert Team Chairpersons at least once per project year.

The organisation

Eumetcal is a EUMETNET optional project and currently has 28 participant and 3 co-operating member states, with a significant Third Party Contribution of EUMETSAT. In addition the Eumetcal Project has, through EUMETNET, Memorandum of Cooperation with the following partners countries: USA (COMET Project/UCAR), Russian Federation (RSHU), Canada (Environment Canada), Australia (ABoM) and Israel (Israel Meteorological Service). Eumetcal has been also collaborating with several organization and projects, e.g. WMO, EUMeTrain, ESSL and HIRLAM.
The Programme Coordinating Member is the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI). The Eumetcal Project management team consists of the Project Manager Mr Alessandro Chiariello and the Training Support Officer Ms Lisa Haga.

More information

To contact the Eumetcal management team please send an email to

The Eumetcal training portal is the window to the meteorological learning opportunities in Europe provided by Eumetcal