The tasks of Eumetcal have significantly evolved from system maintenance into a true collaboration between member state institutions in training activities, strongly linked to non-EUMETNET partner organizations. Eumetcal is today the European Virtual Organization for Meteorological Training and its objectives are:

1. Promoting and sharing technologies and methodologies to assist the development of learning opportunities in member state organizations, particularly in the field of operational meteorology.

2. Providing information about education and training opportunities in meteorology and related environmental topics that can benefit to the professional development of European meteorological personnel.

3. Serving as the European virtual training organization, responding to the training needs of EUMETNET NHMSs and providing a forum for the creation and exchange of training resources and activities covering the whole field of meteorology and related environmental topics.

4. Providing a mechanism whereby EUMETNET NHMSs collaborate to enhance their training capabilities on a long-term basis, with a solid cooperation also with non-EUMETNET partners.


  • "True collaboration between Member state institutions in training activities"

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